Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bronze, White wolf and Girl Pendant little girls gift Glass Tile Necklace Vintage Bronze Setting wolf jewelery gift for friend sister daughter



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This wolf packpretty wolf packbronze wolf packpendant wolf packhas wolf packbeen wolf packmounted wolf packwith wolf packone wolf packof wolf packmy wolf packown wolf packart wolf packimages wolf packtitled wolf pack"White wolf packWolf" wolf packand wolf packthen wolf packset wolf packunder wolf packa wolf packprotective wolf packand wolf packsturdy wolf packdomed wolf packpiece wolf packof wolf packglass.The wolf packpendant wolf packmeasures wolf packapprox wolf pack1.25 wolf packinch wolf packacross wolf pack(3cm)and wolf packthe wolf packvintage wolf packbronze wolf packball wolf packchain wolf packis wolf packapprox wolf pack24 wolf packinches wolf packlong wolf pack(61cm). wolf packIf wolf packthis wolf packis wolf packtoo wolf packlong wolf packthe wolf packchain wolf packcan wolf packbe wolf packeasily wolf packsnipped wolf packto wolf packsuit wolf packand wolf packwill wolf packfit wolf packinto wolf packthe wolf packconnector wolf packprovided.This wolf packpendant wolf packis wolf packalso wolf packavailable wolf packin wolf packan wolf packoval wolf packsetting wolf packthat wolf packmeasures wolf packapprox wolf pack1.25 wolf packinch wolf packacross wolf pack(30mm) wolf packand wolf pack1.5 wolf packinches wolf packhigh wolf pack(40mm). wolf packPlease wolf packmake wolf packyour wolf packchoice wolf packfrom wolf packthe wolf packdrop wolf packdown wolf packmenu wolf packwhen wolf packchecking wolf packout.Thanks wolf packfor wolf packyour wolf packvisit! wolf pack:)

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