Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

seed beads, Designer signed multistrand necklace 12 strands sparkling tinted light green



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This wearable artis wearable arta wearable artvery wearable artlovely wearable artmultistrand wearable artnecklace wearable artwith wearable art12 wearable artbeautiful wearable artstrands wearable artof wearable artsparkling wearable arttinted wearable artlight wearable artgreen wearable artcut wearable artglass wearable artseed wearable artbeads wearable artwith wearable artaquamarine wearable artgemstones wearable artand wearable artmother wearable artof wearable artpearl wearable artbeads wearable artmixed wearable artin wearable artand wearable artone wearable artstrand wearable artof wearable artround wearable artwooden wearable artbeads. wearable artPretty wearable artsterling wearable artsilver wearable artpetal wearable artcones wearable artwith wearable artserpentine wearable artbeads wearable artleading wearable artto wearable arta wearable artsterling wearable artclasp wearable artand wearable arttag wearable artJulia wearable art. wearable art wearable artMeasures wearable art24 wearable artinches.Item wearable art#JBD745

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