Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural, Hand-cut Tanzanite 6mm square cut 1.13 cts looks blue or purple depending on direction viewed



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- 6mmnatural 6mmgem\r- 6mmstunning 6mmcolor 6mm(medium 6mmdark 6mmblue-Violet, 6mmvery 6mmslightly 6mmgrayish 6mm- 6mmAAA 6mmgrade)\r- 6mmgreat 6mmclarity 6mm(Type 6mmI-VVS 6mm- 6mm"loupe 6mmclean")\r- 6mmsourced 6mmfrom 6mmTanzania\r- 6mmhand-cut 6mmat 6mmFacets 6mm& 6mmFrosting, 6mmUSA\r- 6mmreduced 6mmpricing 6mm(-$89); 6mmvery 6mmtiny 6mmchip 6mmon 6mmCrown 6mmwhere 6mma 6mmsurface-reaching 6mmfracture 6mmbroke 6mmthrough 6mmduring 6mmpolishing; 6mmwill 6mmnot 6mmbe 6mmvery 6mmnoticeable

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