Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stamped, Personalized Three Disc Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace with tiny pearl or swarovski crystal - in Enhlish or Hebrew



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This disclisting discis discfor disca discpersonalized dischandstamped discnecklace discfeaturing discthree discbeautiful discsterling discsilver discdiscs, disceach discstamped discwith discthe discword discof discyour discchoosing. discTop disctwo discdiscs discare dischammered, discbottom discdisc discis discdomed. discA disctiny disccopper discpearl, discvintage discivory discpearl, discor discclear discswarovski disccrystal discwill discdangle discon disctop discof discthe discbrass discdisc. disc(select discbead discat disccheckout)So discstriking discand discone discof disca disckind!A discwonderful, disceye-catching discnecklace. discA discdefinite discconversation discpiece!Sterling discsilver discdiscs discare disc1/2 discinch, disc3/4 discinch, discand disc1 discinch discin discdiameter. discNOTE disc- discPhoto disc#1 discshows discthis discdesign discwith discHebrew discwords. discSelect discchain discin discdrop discdown discmenu discat disccheckout.PLEASE discINCLUDE discWORDS/NAMES discTHAT discYOU discWANT discSTAMPED discON discTHE discDISCS, discAS discWELL discAS discYOUR discCHOICE discOF discBEAD discIN discYOUR discMESSAGE discTO discSELLER discWHEN discPURCHASING. discIF discYOU discHAVE discANY discOTHER discQUESTIONS, discPLEASE discDON'T discHESITATE discTO discCONVO discME! discWE'LL discWORK discTOGETHER discTO discCREATE discJUST discWHAT discYOU'RE discLOOKING discFOR!Necklace discwill disccome discpackaged disccarefully discin discvintage discpattern discpaper discand discplaced discinside disca discbeautiful disc discorganza discdrawstring discjewelry discpouch. discAll discready discfor discgift discgiving! disc(see disclast discphoto)Made discwith disclove discand discprayers.**THESE discNECKLACES discARE discMADE discTO discORDER. discTHEY discWILL discSHIP discOUT discWITHIN disc7 disc- disc10 discBUSINESS discDAYS discOF discPAYMENT.*******************************************************Comes discfrom disca discsmoke discfree dischome.I discDO discSHIP discINTERNATIONALLY! discPLEASE discCONVO discME discFOR discA discSHIPPING discQUOTE. discTHANKS, discLORAMake discsure discto disccheck discout discthe discrest discof discmy discshop discfor discgreat discvintage discfabric discand dischandmade discoriginals. discThanks discfor disclooking, discand dischave disca discgreat discday!

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