Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklace1920s necklace, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s 1920s necklacevintage 1920s necklacebead 1920s necklacestrand 1920s necklacenecklace. 1920s necklaceDelicate 1920s necklacewire 1920s necklaceshows 1920s necklacelight 1920s necklacepatina. 1920s necklaceOne 1920s necklacebead 1920s necklaceis 1920s necklacesplit 1920s necklacein 1920s necklace2 1920s necklacebut 1920s necklacestill 1920s necklaceall 1920s necklacepresent, 1920s necklaceanother 1920s necklacebead 1920s necklacehas 1920s necklacea 1920s necklacelittle 1920s necklacechunk 1920s necklacemissing, 1920s necklacealmost 1920s necklacelike 1920s necklacea 1920s necklacebubble 1920s necklaceunder 1920s necklacethe 1920s necklacesurface 1920s necklacemade 1920s necklaceit 1920s necklacevulnerable. 1920s necklaceThe 1920s necklacecolor 1920s necklaceis 1920s necklacea 1920s necklacebright 1920s necklacechartreuse 1920s necklaceyellow 1920s necklacewith 1920s necklacesubtle 1920s necklace(lampwork?) 1920s necklaceswirl. 1920s necklaceMeasures 1920s necklace60" 1920s necklacelong.Ships 1920s necklacein 1920s necklacea 1920s necklacegift 1920s necklacebox.I 1920s necklacecombine 1920s necklaceshipping 1920s necklaceon 1920s necklacemultiple 1920s necklaceitems.

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