Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

French Bulldogpet, millesimal fineness 999pet, dog clipringpet, dog show ring clip/number holderpet, limited editionpet, ArtDog



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ART craftDOG craftCOLLECTIONThese craftcliprings craftare craftnot craftproduced craftanywhere craftelse craftin craftthe craftworld!Perfect craftgift craftwith craftremarkable craftprecision craftof craftexecution!Masterfully craftcrafted craftby craftBest craftPolish craftArtist!Limited craftedition craftproduced craftspecially craftfor craftyou!Cliprings:- craftPerfect craftgift craftremarkable craftprecision craftof craftexecution- craftmasterfully craftcrafted craftby craftBest craftPolish craftArtist- craftHeight craft4,2 craftcm- craftWidth craft3,3 craftcm craft- craftThe craftlength craftof craftthe craftclip craft7,4 craftcmMaterial:- craftZn craftAl craftbase- craftcovered craftwith crafta craftthick craftlayer craftof craftgold

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