Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Kerry Blue Terrierpresent, millesimal fineness 999present, dog clipringpresent, dog show ring clip/number holderpresent, limited editionpresent, ArtDog



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ART clipDOG clipCOLLECTIONThese clipcliprings clipare clipnot clipproduced clipanywhere clipelse clipin clipthe clipworld!Perfect clipgift clipwith clipremarkable clipprecision clipof clipexecution!Masterfully clipcrafted clipby clipBest clipPolish clipArtist!Limited clipedition clipproduced clipspecially clipfor clipyou!Cliprings:- clipPerfect clipgift clipremarkable clipprecision clipof clipexecution- clipmasterfully clipcrafted clipby clipBest clipPolish clipArtist- clipHeight clip3,7 clipcm- clipWidth clip4,5 clipcm- clipThe cliplength clipof clipthe clipclip clip6,4 clipcmMaterial:- clipZn clipAl clipbase- clipcovered clipwith clipa clipthick cliplayer clipof clipgold

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