Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver pendant, Artisan Wire Wrapped Sterling Pendant with Mojave Purple Turquoise



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A silver pendantdaring silver pendantand silver pendantintense silver pendantwire silver pendantwrapped silver pendantpendant silver pendantof silver pendantSterling silver pendantSilver. silver pendantMojave silver pendantPurple silver pendantTurquoise silver pendantis silver pendanta silver pendantreconstituted silver pendantstone silver pendantmade silver pendantin silver pendantKingman, silver pendantArizona, silver pendantusing silver pendantnatural silver pendantturquoise, silver pendantdyed, silver pendantand silver pendantcreated silver pendantinto silver pendantthis silver pendantattractive silver pendantand silver pendantdesirable silver pendantmanmade silver pendantstone. silver pendantNatural silver pendantseed silver pendantpearl silver pendantand silver pendantsterling silver pendantsilver silver pendantbead silver pendantadded.\r\rMeasures silver pendantapprox. silver pendant35mm silver pendantx silver pendant38mm

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