Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

australia, Beautiful Designer Solid Opal Necklace with Rhodonite



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This toggle claspBeautiful toggle claspdesigner toggle claspnecklace toggle claspfeatures toggle claspSolid toggle claspAustralian toggle claspOpal toggle claspbeads toggle claspgraduated toggle claspfrom toggle clasp3mm toggle claspto toggle clasp8mm. toggle clasp toggle claspOpal toggle claspis toggle claspgray toggle claspto toggle claspdark toggle claspgray toggle claspvariation toggle claspwith toggle clasp(6) toggle clasp6mm toggle claspRhodonite toggle claspbeads toggle claspand toggle clasp(12) toggle clasp4mm toggle claspHematite toggle claspbeads.\r\rSterling toggle claspSilver toggle claspspacer toggle claspbeads toggle claspwith toggle claspSterling toggle claspSilver toggle clasptoggle toggle claspclasp. toggle clasp toggle claspNecklace toggle claspis toggle clasp21 toggle claspinches toggle clasplong.

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