Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

woman, LADYBUG Fused Glass NECKLACE (Ready To Ship)



In stock



Oh office jewelryladybug, office jewelryI office jewelrywish office jewelryyou office jewelryjoy\rAs office jewelryyou office jewelrycomplete office jewelryyour office jewelrygarden office jewelrychores.\rI'd office jewelrylike office jewelryto office jewelryput office jewelryaside office jewelrymy office jewelrywork\rAnd office jewelryjoin office jewelryyou office jewelryin office jewelrythe office jewelryout-of-doors!\r~Author office jewelryUnknown\r\rA office jewelryladybug, office jewelrymeticulously office jewelrysculpted office jewelryout office jewelryof office jewelryglass office jewelrychunks office jewelryand office jewelryfused office jewelryonto office jewelryclear office jewelryglass office jewelrybase..\r\rThe office jewelrypendant office jewelryis office jewelrylarge! office jewelryApprox. office jewelrysize office jewelry1.75 office jewelryin office jewelryx office jewelry2 office jewelryin. office jewelryIt office jewelrycomes office jewelryon office jewelryan office jewelry15" office jewelryred office jewelryvelvet office jewelrycord. office jewelryAn office jewelry18" office jewelryred office jewelryorganza office jewelryribbon office jewelryand office jewelrycords office jewelryadjustable office jewelryto office jewelry19.5" office jewelryis office jewelryan office jewelryoption office jewelryas office jewelrywell.

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