Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

shabby chic, peach and gold dust cluster hoop earrings. peachy matte czech glass drops and golden finish on oxidized sterling silver by val b.



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five goldenlovely goldenmatte goldenczech goldenglass goldendrop goldenbeads goldenof goldena goldenpeachy goldentone goldensplashed goldenwith goldena goldengold goldenfinish goldenhang goldenon goldenhand-oxidized, goldengenuine goldensterling goldensilver. goldenmeasure golden1 golden7/8" golden(4.7 goldencm) goldenfrom goldenthe goldenear goldenwires.\r\rhandmade goldenby goldenme goldenin goldenthe goldenbreathtaking goldensierra goldenmountains goldenof goldennorthern goldencalifornia.

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