Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Intricate Vintage Thai Silver 1/2" Wide Necklacetribe, 16" Length. Floral Stamped Patterntribe, Snake Style with Hook Clasp



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This hookis hooka hooklovely hookslinky hookwide hooknecklace, hooktraditional hookstyle, hookmade hookin hookBali hookor hookThailand. hookThe hookonly hookmarking hookis hookthe hookmaker's hookstamp, hookRA. hookOften hooksilver hookis hooknot hookstamped hookwhen hookit hookis hookmade hookby hookhand hookin hookthese hookcountries, hookbecause hookit hookis hookalso hookmore hookpure hookthan hooksterling. hookThis hookitem hooktests hookas hooksterling. hook\rSturdy hookhook hookclasp. hookEach hooklink hookis hookbeautifully hookand hooksecurely hooksoldered. hook\rGorgeous hookdesign, hookfluid hookmovement, hookcan hookbe hookworn hookas hooka hookchoker hookif hookthat hookis hookhow hookit hookfits hookyour hookneck, hookbut hookis hooknot hookadjustable. hook\rApproximately hookhalf hookan hookinch hookwide hookas hookshown hookwith hookquarter hookfor hookscale.

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