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white gold, 14kt Princess Cut Wedding Band



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14kt rose goldChannel rose goldset rose gold2mm rose goldeach rose goldPrincess rose goldCut rose goldWhite rose goldSapphires.Color rose goldDClarity rose goldVVS/IFGoes rose goldwell rose goldwith rose goldeither rose goldAsscher rose goldor rose goldPrincess rose goldSolitaire rose goldEngagement rose goldRing.Or rose goldcan rose goldbe rose goldworn rose goldalone.Very rose goldDiamond rose goldLike rose goldand rose goldaffordable.Sapphires rose goldhave rose goldthe rose goldhardness rose goldof rose gold9Diamonds rose gold10Can rose goldbe rose goldmade rose goldin rose gold14kt rose goldyellow rose goldgold, rose goldwhite rose goldgold rose goldand rose goldrose rose goldgoldLayaway rose goldavailableYour rose goldterms rose goldand rose goldno rose golddeadlines.

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