Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow gold, 14kt - .76tcw Genuine Princess White Sapphire



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Beautiful princess cutPrincess princess cutCut princess cutWhite princess cutSapphire. princess cutOrigin: princess cutSri princess cutLankaMeasures princess cut4x4mm, princess cutequals princess cut.38ct.These princess cutwhite princess cutsapphires princess cutearrings princess cutare princess cutset princess cutin princess cut14kt princess cutscrew princess cutbacksMade princess cutto princess cutnever princess cuttake princess cutoff princess cutyour princess cutear.Very princess cutDiamond princess cutLike!Can princess cutbe princess cutset princess cutin princess cutyellow princess cutgold princess cutwhite princess cutgold princess cutand princess cutrose princess cutgold.Layaway princess cutavailable princess cutNo princess cutDeadlines princess cuton princess cutthe princess cutlayaway.

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