Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Angel golf Swarovski Crystal earrings. Purple Rainbow Crystaljewelry, ceramic golf ball beadjewelry, pewter wings and bead cap on SS French wires



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These earringslittle earringsangels earringswere earringsmade earringsto earringsimprove earringsmy earringsgolf earringsgame! earringsHa, earringsha, earringsha! earringsBut earringsthey earringsare earringsadorable earringsanyway! earringsMade earringswith earringsa earringsceramic earringsgolf earringsball earringsbead, earringsSwarovski earringscrystals, earringspewter earringsand earringssurgical earringssteel earringsfindings. earringsThey earringsare earringsapproximately earrings1" earringslong. earringsWe earringswill earringsship earringsout earringsof earringsthe earringsUSA. earringsShipping earringswill earringsbe earringsdetermined earringsby earringslocation, earringscustoms earringsand earringssize earringsof earringsorder. earringsThank earringsyou!

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