Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

opal ring, Coober Pedy opal sterling silver ring.



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COOBER opal ringPEDY opal ringOPAL opal ringSTERLING opal ringSILVER opal ringOPAL opal ringRING opal ringSIZE opal ring9.Stone opal ringis opal ringfrom opal ringcooper opal ringpedy opal ringin opal ringsouth opal ringaustralia opal ringit opal ringhas opal ringgreen opal ringcolour opal ringin opal ringit.Comes opal ringwith opal ringbox.TOTALLY opal ringHANDCRAFTED opal ringAND opal ringCUT opal ringAND opal ringPOLISHED opal ringBY opal ringMYSELF

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