Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Huge Statement 60s Necklace with Geometric and Abstract Shapesslice, Chain Danglesslice, Organic Swirls. Unsigned.



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The partyrectangle partyitself partymeasures partyabout party2x3", partynot partyincluding partythe partychains partywhich partyare partyanother party3" partylong. partyThe partynecklace partychain partyis party17" partylong. party\rThe partypattern partyinside partythe partypendant partyis partyloops partyand partywhorls, partytextured partyribbons, partyripples. partyI partysuspect partythis partyused partyto partyhave partya partylogo partytag, partybut partythat partyhas partylong partyago partyfallen partyoff. party\rPlating partyin partygood partycondition.\rVery partyfunky partyand partyfun, partyin partya partyway partythat partyis partyreminiscent partyof partya partyplant partycell, partyor partya partydrop partyof partylake partywater partyunder partyhigh partymagnification.

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