Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stitched, Letter G Personalized Jewelry Necklace Hand Embroidered Initial G



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Lovely fiberembroidered fiberinitial fibernecklace fiberfeaturing fiberthe fiberletter fiber'G'. fiberHand fiberstitched fiberonto fiberbeige fiberlinen fiberfabric fiberwith fiberblack fiberthread. fiberVery fibernice fiberpersonalized fiberjewelry.\rThe fiberpendant fibermeasures fiberapprox fiber1.5 fiberinches fibertall fiberand fiberapprox fiber1 fiberinch fiberacross fiber( fiber4 fiberx fiber2.5 fibercm fiber). fiberThe fibersilver fiberplated fibersnake fiberchain fiberis fiber22 fiberinches fiberin fiberlength.\rI fibercan fiberembroider fiberany fiberinitial fiberplease fiberdo fiberget fiberin fibertouch fiberif fiberyou fiberwant fibera fiberdifferent fiberletter fibersewn.

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