Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fiber, Red Sweet Heart Love Token Hand Embroidered Pendant Necklace



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Lovely valentine necklacenecklace valentine necklacehand valentine necklacestitched valentine necklaceheart valentine necklaceonto valentine necklacecream valentine necklacecotton valentine necklacefabric valentine necklacewith valentine necklacered valentine necklacethread. valentine necklaceThe valentine necklacehand valentine necklaceembroidered valentine necklacependant valentine necklacehangs valentine necklacefrom valentine necklacea valentine necklacesilver valentine necklacesnake valentine necklacechain valentine necklacethat valentine necklacemeasures valentine necklace22 valentine necklaceinches valentine necklacein valentine necklacelength, valentine necklacethe valentine necklacependant valentine necklacemeasures valentine necklace1 valentine necklace1/4 valentine necklaceinches valentine necklaceacross valentine necklaceand valentine necklaceis valentine necklacemade valentine necklaceof valentine necklacesilver valentine necklacecolored valentine necklacemetal.\rReady valentine necklaceto valentine necklaceship. valentine necklacePretty valentine necklacelove valentine necklacetoken valentine necklaceor valentine necklacegift valentine necklacefor valentine necklaceyourself.

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