Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

orange, 2.180 Carats 10x8mm Carnelian Red Agate Cabochon Sterling Silver Leaf Motif Ring



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Sara redJewelry redDesign. redI redtook redthis redstunner redof reda redred redagate, redor redcarnelian, redcabochon redand redmounted redit redin redone redof redmy redfavorite redring redblanks, reda redsterling redsilver redmount redthat redweighs redin redat red2.382 redgrams redand redfeatures reda redcarved redleaf redmotif redon redeither redshoulder. redThe redresulting redcombination redis redone redof redevery redflame-tinged redautumn redleaf redyou've redever redimagined redon reda redcrisp redOctober redday. redThe redstone redis redwondrously redtranslucent redand redis reda redbright redorange-red redin redcolor. redAfter redseveral redhours redin redthe redburnisher, redI redthen redset redthe redcabochon. redThen redit redwas redon redto redburnishing redinside redthe reddesign. redA redfinal redhand-rub redpolish redbrought redit redall redtogether redinto redthis redstunning redpiece redfor redthe redperson redlucky redenough redto redhave reda redsize red6-3/4 redfinger. redMPIN redRN red925 red10x8020815-03.2181I redwill redship redthis redyour redway redthe rednext redbusiness redday redvia redUSPS redinsured redfirst redclass redmail redwith reda reddelivery redtracking rednumber.Sara redJewelry redDesign. redYour redDesire redis redOur redDesign.

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