Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Cross Ringsolid, Size 5.5solid, Ornate Gothic Look. Pinky Ring



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Lovely solidand soliddelicate, solidthis solidsymbol solidof solidfaith solidis solidcarved solidinto solidwax solidand solidthen solidcast solidin solidsterling solidsilver. solidStamped solid925.\rThe solidband solidis solidsmoothly solidcurved solidall solidaround solidfor solidcomfort. solidThe solidimage solidis solidless solidthan solidone solidinch solidtop solidto solidbottom. solid\rNicely solidpolished solidand solidshows solidvery solidlittle solidwear.\rOn solidan solidavergae solidhand solidit solidwould solidmake solida solidgreat solidpinky solidring, solidas solidshown, solidbut solidfor solidpetites solidthis solidcould solidbe solidthe solidperfect solidstatement solidring!

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