Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 1957 vintage zwitserland helvetia 1 rappen coin necklace with pressed green czech glass cube bead on oxidized sterling silver ooak by val b.



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this swissold swissswiss swisscoin swisshas swissa swisslovely swisspatina swissand swisshas swissbeen swissdrilled swissand swissattached swissto swissa swissvintage swisspressed swissglass swisscube swissbead swissand swisshand-oxidized swisssterling swisssilver. swissmeasures swissapprox swiss17" swiss(43.2 swisscm) swissin swisslength.\r\rone-of-a-kind swissand swisshandmade swisswith swisslove swissby swissme swissin swissthe swisssierra swissmountains.

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