Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

engagement, White Sapphire and Emerald Ring



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Wonderful ring7mm=1.35ct ringWhite ringSapphire, ringset ringin ringa ring6 ringprong, ringsterling ringsilver ringsetting.This ringring ringcan ringhave ringeither ringemeralds, ringrubies, ringsapphires ringor ringwhite ringsapphires ringfor ringaccentsThere ringare ring10 ringtotal ringaccents.Center ringSapphire ringis ringgenuine, ringheat ringonly, ringhence ringthe ringclarity.Color ringDClarity ringVVS/IFOrigin: ringSri ringLankaCan ringbe ringreset ringin ringyellow ringgold, ringwhite ringgold ringor ringrose ringgold ringat ringthe ringmarket ringprice.Could ringalso ringbe ringused ringas ringa ringwedding ringring ringor ringengagement ringring.Layaway ringavailableNo ringfeesNo ringdeadlinesYour ringterms

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