Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gvs, Vintage Gold tone Coro Scipt mid Century Clip on Earrings



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Vintage goldsigned goldCoro goldscript goldgold goldtone goldclear goldrhinestone goldclip goldearrings goldPerfect goldcondition goldwith goldprong goldset goldbright goldshinny goldclear goldrhinestones, goldmeasures gold1 gold\u00bd goldby gold\u00bd goldPlease goldsee goldpictures goldfor goldfurther goldreference goldor goldcontact goldus goldwith goldany goldquestions. goldPlease goldremember goldwe goldcombine goldshipping goldon goldjewelry golditems goldwith goldno goldadditional goldcost goldin goldU.S. goldInternational goldcostumers goldwelcome, goldplease goldcontact goldus goldfor goldbest goldshipping goldrate.Thanks goldyou goldfor goldvisiting goldMema\u2019s goldVintage

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