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Set glassof glassbicone glassbeads glassin glassearthy glasscolors, glasswound glasson glass1/16th glassinch glass(1.5mm) glassmandrels~*~Made glassto glassorder, glassbeads glasswill glassbe glassvery glasssimilar glass~Sizes glass:6 glassbicones glass= glass12mm glassX glass18mmNeed glassmore? glassNeed glassa glassdifferent glassshape, glassnew glasscolors? glassConvo glassme!All glassbeads glassare glassmade glassby glassmyself glassfrom glassflame glassto glasskiln, glassthen glassdigitally glassannealed glassand glassthoroughly glasscleaned glassand glassinspected. glassI glassstand glassby glassthe glassSRA glassguidelines. glassI glassdo glassmy glassbest glassto glassshow glassbeads glasshow glassthey glassare, glassas glassbest glassthat glasscan glassbe glassdone glasswith glassphotos. glassAny glassquestions glassat glassall glasslet glassme glassknow glass;)

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