Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mom necklace, mom or grandma necklace with names on bars and birthstone for each name



In stock



This mom necklacesuper mom necklaceadorable mom necklacenecklace mom necklacecomes mom necklaceon mom necklacean mom necklace18" mom necklacechain mom necklaceand mom necklacewill mom necklacecontain mom necklace1-3 mom necklacenames mom necklacewith mom necklacebirthstones. mom necklacePlease mom necklaceleave mom necklacenames mom necklaceyou'd mom necklacelike mom necklaceand mom necklacebirth mom necklacemonths mom necklacein mom necklacethe mom necklacenote mom necklaceto mom necklaceseller mom necklaceduring mom necklacecheckout mom necklace;) mom necklaceif mom necklacemore mom necklacenames mom necklaceare mom necklaceneeded, mom necklacemessage mom necklaceme mom necklaceand mom necklaceI mom necklacecan mom necklacework mom necklacewith mom necklaceyou mom necklacebut mom necklaceprice mom necklacewill mom necklacevary mom necklacedepending mom necklaceon mom necklacehow mom necklacemany mom necklacenames mom necklaceover mom necklace3.Thank mom necklaceyou mom necklacefor mom necklacelooking mom necklace:)

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