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punk, Flying Bubble Heart Wings Adjustable Ring



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A angelbright angelpink angelbubble angelheart angelis angelfloating angelon angelair!This angelsweet angelring angelis angelmade angelfrom angelhand-poured angelacrylic, angelin angelthe angelperfect angelshade angelof angelpink, angeland angelflanked angelby angelcreamy angelwings. angelFeatures angela angelshimmering angelrhinestone, angelthat angelglints angelbrilliantly angelin angelthe angelsun.Top angelof angelring angelmeasures angel1 angel1/8" angelacross, angelby angel5/8" angellong, angeland angelis angelmounted angelto angelan angeladjustable angelmetal angelband.All angelof angelour angelitems angelare angeleither angelone-of-a-kind, angelor angelmade angelin angelvery angellimited angelquantities, angelso angelif angelyou angelsee angelsomething angelthat angelcatches angelyour angeleye, angelsnap angelit angelup angelbefore angelsomeone angelelse angeldoes!

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