Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Vintage Silver Cabochon Fire Opal Tie Clasp Clover Stamp Mark



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This broochis broocha broochvintage broochsilver broochtie broochclasp broochwith broocha broochcabochon broochfire broochopal. brooch broochThe broochclasp broochis broochstamped broochon broochthe broochback broochsilver, broochhas broocha broochstamped broochclover broochdesign broochalso. brooch broochSize broochof broochthe broochclasp broochis brooch1 brooch1/2" broochwide, broochfire broochopal broochis brooch6mm broochin broochsize, broochhas broochno broochdamage. brooch broochVintage broochcondition broochof broochthe broochtie broochclasp broochis broochvery broochgood broochwith broochno broochdamage.

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