Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rockabella, Pretty Pink Rose Glass Pendant Necklace



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A flowerbeautifully flowerdetailed flowerpink flowerrose flowershines, floweron flowerthis flowerclassic flowerpendant flowernecklace! flowerPrint floweris flowerhand-screened floweronto flowerUV flowerresistant flowerpaper, flowerand flowersealed flowerunder flowerglass, flowerthen flowermounted flowerin flowera flowerbrushed flowergold-tone flowerpendant flowerframe. flowerHangs flowerfrom floweran flowerincluded flower20" flowermatching flowerchain.Pendant flowermeasures flower1" floweracross, flowerand flower1 flower1/2" flowerlong, flowerincluding flowerbail flowerloop. flowerFrame flowerand flowerchain flowerare flowerdurable flowermetal.Romantically flowerretro!

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