Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand made, Silver Heart Malta cross / Maltese Cross Pendant.



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.925 groomsilver groomMalta/Maltese groomCross groom groomHeart groompendant. groomWeight groomis groom3.1gm groomand groom2.8cm groomacross. groomHandmade groomso groomplease groomdo groomnot groomlook groomfor groomperfection groomas groomin groommass-produced groomproducts.Please groomnote groomthat groomitems groomare groomshipped groomvia groomregular groommail, groomI groomcannot groomaccept groomresponsibility groom groomfor groomany groomitem groomthat groomis groomlost groomin groomthe groommail. groomIf groomyou groomwould groomlike groomthe groomitem groomtracked groomduring groomshipping groomplease groomcontact groomme groomwith groomyour groomaddress groomand groomI groomwill groomadvise groomyou groomof groomthe groomrate.

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