Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

groom, Silver Mustang charm /small pendant .925 silver.



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Silver 925Mustang 925charm 925/small 925pendant 925.925 925silver. 9251gm 925and 9252.2cm 925across. 925Please 925note 925that 925items 925are 925shipped 925via 925regular 925mail, 925I 925cannot 925accept 925responsibility 925 925for 925any 925item 925that 925is 925lost 925in 925the 925mail. 925If 925you 925would 925like 925the 925item 925tracked 925during 925shipping 925please 925contact 925me 925with 925your 925address 925and 925I 925will 925advise 925you 925of 925the 925rate. 925Mustang

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