Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral pattern, Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Go Go Dangle Earrings



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Vintage disksVisions. disksLight disksand diskslovely, disksthese diskssterling diskssilver disksgo-go disksstyle disksearrings disksare disksvintage disksMexican diskssilver. disksThey disksare disksapproximately disks35-36mm disksin disksdiameter disksand disks.71mm disksthick. disksTotal disksweight disksis disks10.745 disksgrams. disksThey disksare diskssuspended disksfrom disksshepherd's diskshook disksear diskswires. disksThe disksdisks disksare diskshand diskshammered disksand diskshand diskschased diskswith disksa disksstylized disksfloral disksmotif.I diskswill disksship disksthese disksyour disksway disksthe disksnext disksbusiness disksday disksvia disksUSPS disksfirst disksclass disksmail diskswith disksa diskstracking disksID disksnumber.

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