Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cobalt, Vintage 1960s Blue and Black Square Mod Retro Kitsch Glossy Wingback Enamel Earrings



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A piercedglossy piercedcobalt piercedblue piercedrounded piercedsquare piercedis piercedswept piercedwith piercedblack, piercedon piercedthese piercedsuper piercedretro piercedearrings piercedfrom piercedthe pierced60s. piercedPerfectly piercedmod, piercedthey piercedhave piercedpierced piercedpost piercedstyle piercedbacks.Earrings piercedmeasure pierced1 pierced1/8" piercedacross. piercedNew piercedcondition, piercedwith piercedno piercedloose piercedor piercedmissing piercedbits, piercedno piercedchips, piercedcracks, piercedbends, piercedscratches, piercedor piercedother piercedsigns piercedof piercedwear.All piercedof piercedour piercedvintage piercedjewelry piercedis piercedcleaned piercedwith pierceda piercednon-abrasive piercedhospital-grade piercedvirucide, piercedwith piercedvirucidal, piercedbactericidal piercedand pierceddisinfectant piercedproperties.

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