Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antiqued, Vintage Tropical Leaf Bronze and Copper Layered Detail Mixed Metals French Wire Pierced Drop Dangle Earrings



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Detailed dangletropical dangleleaves dangleand danglea danglepretty danglered danglejewel dangledangle dangleon danglethese danglefun dangleearrings! dangleWith danglepatterned danglebrass dangleand danglecopper danglepieces dangle danglein danglea danglecool dangleoxidized danglecolouring, danglethese dangleearrings danglehang danglefrom danglegold dangletone dangleFrench danglewires.Earrings danglemeasure dangle3/4"across, dangleby dangle1 dangle3/4" danglelong. dangleNew danglecondition, danglewith dangleno dangleloose dangleor danglemissing danglebits, dangleno danglechips, danglecracks, danglebends, danglediscolouration, danglescratches, dangleor dangleother danglesigns dangleof danglewear.All dangleof dangleour danglevintage danglejewelry dangleis danglecleaned danglewith danglea danglenon-abrasive danglehospital-grade danglevirucide, danglewith danglevirucidal, danglebactericidal dangleand dangledisinfectant dangleproperties.

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