Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sweater girl, Vintage 1950s Gold and Pearl Domed Cameo Style Oval Button Earrings



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Super canadashimmery canadafaux canadapearl canadacabs canadaare canadamounted canadato canadaglossy canadagold canadaplate canadapatterned canadaframes! canadaIn canadaa canadaclassic canadaretro canadastyle, canadathese canadaearrings canadahave canadapierced canadapost canadastyle canadabacks.Earrings canadameasure canada1" canadaacross, canadaby canada1 canada1/4" canadalong. canadaOne canadapearl canadapiece canadais canadaslightly canadaoffset canada(see canadapictures). canadaOtherwise, canadanew canadacondition, canadawith canadano canadaloose canadaor canadamissing canadabits, canadano canadachips, canadacracks, canadabends, canadascratches, canadaor canadaother canadasigns canadaof canadawear.All canadaof canadaour canadavintage canadajewelry canadais canadacleaned canadawith canadaa canadanon-abrasive canadahospital-grade canadavirucide, canadawith canadavirucidal, canadabactericidal canadaand canadadisinfectant canadaproperties.

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