Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced, Vintage 1950s Royal Blue Round Circle Rockabella Retro Kitsch Pierced Post Back Button Earrings



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In 50sa 50sclassic 50sround 50sbutton 50searring, 50sthese 50sfeature 50sa 50ssuper 50sglossy 50sroyal 50sblue! 50sIn 50smetal, 50sthese 50shave 50spierced 50spost 50sstyle 50sbacks.Earrings 50smeasure 50s1" 50sacross. 50sNew 50scondition, 50swith 50sno 50sloose 50sor 50smissing 50sbits, 50sno 50schips, 50scracks, 50sbends, 50sscratches, 50sor 50sother 50ssigns 50sof 50swear.All 50sof 50sour 50svintage 50sjewelry 50sis 50scleaned 50swith 50sa 50snon-abrasive 50shospital-grade 50svirucide, 50swith 50svirucidal, 50sbactericidal 50sand 50sdisinfectant 50sproperties.

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