Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, Vintage 1980s Ruby Red and Gold Wave Jewel Bling Retro Kitsch Rockabella Pinup Burlesque Jewelry Pierced Post Backs Large Earrings



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Beautifully 80sbold 80sred 80sresin 80sjewels 80sstand 80sout 80son 80sthese 80sfun 80searrings 80sfrom 80sthe 80s80s! 80sThey 80sare 80san 80seye-popping 80sRED, 80sin 80sglossy 80sgold 80stone 80ssetting.Earrings 80smeasure 80s1 80s1/4" 80sacross, 80sby 80s1 80s1/4" 80slong, 80swith 80spost 80sbacks. 80sNew 80scondition, 80swith 80sno 80sloose 80sor 80smissing 80sbits, 80sno 80schips, 80scracks, 80sbends, 80sscratches, 80sor 80sother 80ssigns 80sof 80swear.All 80sof 80sour 80svintage 80sjewelry 80sis 80scleaned 80swith 80sa 80snon-abrasive 80shospital-grade 80svirucide, 80swith 80svirucidal, 80sbactericidal 80sand 80sdisinfectant 80sproperties.

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