Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced, Vintage 1970s Shimmery Powder Blue Geometric Angled Retro Kitsch Valley Girl Pierced Post Style Backs Hoop Earrings



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Soft squareshimmery squarepowder squareblue squarehoops, squarein squarea squarecrazy squaregeometric squareangled squaresquare squarestyle squareearring!Super squareretro squareand squarefun, squarethese squareearrings squarehave squarepierced squarepost squarestyle squarebacks.Earrings squaremeasure square3/8" squarewide, squareby square7/8" squarelong. squareNew squarecondition, squarewith squareno squareloose squareor squaremissing squarebits, squareno squarechips, squarecracks, squarebends, squarescratches, squareor squareother squaresigns squareof squarewear. squareVintage square1970s.All squareof squareour squarevintage squarejewelry squareis squarecleaned squarewith squarea squarenon-abrasive squarehospital-grade squarevirucide, squarewith squarevirucidal, squarebactericidal squareand squaredisinfectant squareproperties.

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