Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

canada, Vintage 1980s Pewter and Turquoise Heart Scroll Rococo Romantic Pierced French Wires Dangle Drop Earrings



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Silvery stonepewter stonescrolls stonearound stonethese stonebeautiful stoneblue stoneheart stoneturquoise stonepieces!Earrings stonemeasure stone1/4" stoneacross, stoneby stone1 stone3/4" stonelong, stoneand stoneare stonehung stonefrom stoneFrench stonewires. stoneNew stonecondition, stonewith stoneno stoneloose stoneor stonemissing stonebits, stoneno stonechips, stonecracks, stonebends, stonescratches, stoneor stoneother stonesigns stoneof stonewear. stoneVintage stone1980s.All stoneof stoneour stonevintage stonejewelry stoneis stonecleaned stonewith stonea stonenon-abrasive stonehospital-grade stonevirucide, stonewith stonevirucidal, stonebactericidal stoneand stonedisinfectant stoneproperties.

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