Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, Vintage 1950s Purple Enamel and Gold Round Retro Kitsch Rockabella Pinup Burlesque Jewelry Circle Button Clip Back Earrings



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Super postglossy postenamel postin postthe postperfect postshade postof postpurple postis postfeatured poston postthese postclassic postvintage postpieces! postWith postgold postplate postaccents, postthese posthave posta postcomfortable postclip poston poststyle postback.Earrings postmeasure post5/8" postacross, postand posthave postcomfortable postclip postbacks.New postcondition, postwith postno postloose postor postmissing postbits, postno postchips, postcracks, postbends, postscratches, postor postother postsigns postof postwear. postVintage post1950s.All postof postour postvintage postjewelry postis postcleaned postwith posta postnon-abrasive posthospital-grade postvirucide, postwith postvirucidal, postbactericidal postand postdisinfectant postproperties.

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