Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s, Vintage 1960s Red Enamel and Gold Triangle Drop Button Earrings



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Bright kitschred kitschenamel kitschpops kitschon kitschthese kitschpretty kitschearrings! kitschGlossy kitschand kitschbold, kitschthe kitschenamel kitschis kitschset kitschinto kitschgold kitschplate, kitschwith kitschgold kitschplate kitschbacking. kitschPierced kitschpost kitschstyle kitschbacks.Earrings kitschmeasure kitsch5/8" kitschacross, kitschby kitsch3/4" kitschlong. kitschExcellent kitschcondition, kitschwith kitschvery kitschslight kitschwear kitschto kitschgold kitschplate kitschon kitschthe kitschback kitschof kitschone kitschearring kitsch(see kitschpictures); kitschotherwise kitschlike kitschnew, kitschwith kitschno kitschloose kitschor kitschmissing kitschbits, kitschno kitschchips, kitschcracks, kitschbends, kitschscratches, kitschor kitschother kitschsigns kitschof kitschwear.All kitschof kitschour kitschvintage kitschjewelry kitschis kitschcleaned kitschwith kitscha kitschnon-abrasive kitschhospital-grade kitschvirucide, kitschwith kitschvirucidal, kitschbactericidal kitschand kitschdisinfectant kitschproperties.

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