Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

8" long Bright metallic blue leather fringe tassel earrings with brass filigree conesfrench hook earrings, Czech crystal beads and French hooks



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Artisan blue tasselscrafted blue tasselsin blue tasselsUSA blue tasselsReady blue tasselsto blue tasselsship8" blue tasselslong blue tasselsBright blue tasselsmetallic blue tasselsblue blue tasselsleather blue tasselsfringe blue tasselstassel blue tasselsearrings blue tasselswith blue tasselsbrass blue tasselsfiligree blue tasselscones, blue tasselsCzech blue tasselscrystal blue tasselsbeads blue tasselsand blue tasselsFrench blue tasselshooksOverall blue tasselslenght blue tasselsincludes blue tasselsthe blue tasselsearwire. blue tasselsLeather blue tasselsis blue tasselsrazor blue tasselscut blue tasselsby blue tasselshand.Shipping blue tasselswithin blue tasselsthe blue tasselsUSA blue tasselsvia blue tasselsUSPS blue tasselswith blue tasselsDelivery blue tasselsConfirmation.

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