Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Arizona Turquoise Sterling Wire Wrapped Pendant OOAK Artisan Pendant Hand Wired Pendant



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Arizona wire wrappedTurquoise wire wrappedSterling wire wrappedWrapped wire wrappedPendant wire wrappedOOAK wire wrappedArtisan wire wrappedPendant wire wrappedHand wire wrappedWired wire wrappedPendantThis wire wrappedgorgeous wire wrappedpendant wire wrappedmeasures wire wrapped1.5 wire wrappedinches wire wrappedlong wire wrappedand wire wrapped.75 wire wrappedinches wire wrappedwide. wire wrappedI wire wrappedwrapped wire wrappedit wire wrappedwith wire wrappedsterling wire wrappedwire, wire wrappedin wire wrappeda wire wrappedpattern wire wrappedto wire wrappedemphasize wire wrappedit's wire wrappedbeauty.

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