Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Mahogany Obsidian pendant with sterling silver



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This ovalsimple ovalstyle ovalpendant ovalis ovalmade ovalwith ovala ovalmahogany ovalobsidian ovalcabochon, ovaland ovalwire ovalwrapped ovalwith ovalsterling ovalsilver..It ovalgrounds ovaland ovalprotects..It ovalis ovalrelated ovalto ovalthe ovalroot ovalchakra.It ovalis ovalused ovalfor ovalstrength ovalin ovaltimes ovalof ovalneed, ovalto ovalremove ovalenergy ovalblocks, ovaland ovalgive ovalnew ovallife ovalto ovalpurposes ovaland ovalgoals. ovalSome ovalhealers ovalsuggests:It ovalcan ovalbe ovalused ovalto ovalrelieve ovalpain ovaland ovalimprove ovalcirculation.Approximately oval1 ovalinch ovalin ovallength

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