Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Golden Druzy Crystal Cave and dichroic Pin Brooch in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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One silverof silvera silverKind silver silver silver silverPin silver( silverBrooch silver) silverin silverSterling silverSilver silverand silverMarried silverMetals silver silver silverby silverCathleen silverMcLain silverMcLainJewelry silver silverThis silverpin silverpendant silverfeatures silvera silvercross silversection silverslice silverof silvera silversmall silverBrazilian silveragate silvergeode silvernodule silverthat silveris silverlined silverwith silverdruzy silvercrystals... silverI silvercall silverthese silvercrystal silvercaves. silverThe silveraccent silverstones silverare silvera silvergolden silverdruzy silverchalcedony silver... silversuch silveran silverunusual silvercolor silverfor silverthese! silverand silverthen silverthere silveris silvera silverhandmade silverdichroic silvercabochon silverset silverin silvera silversterling silverbezel silverto silverpinpoint silverthe silvergolden silvercolors! silver silverOr silverif silveryou silverwant silverto silverwear silverit silveron silveryour silverown silverchain, silverI silversell silversterling silveradapters silver(convo silverme silverto silveradd silverit silverto silveryour silverlisting silverbefore silveryou silvercheck silverout silver+ silver$6.) silver silver silverPlease silverrefer silverto silverthe silverlast silverphoto silverfor silverdimensionsThe silverhighly silvertextured silversurface silveris silveraccented silverwith silvera silverpatina silverfinish silverin silvercolors silverranging silverfrom silverantique silversilver silverto silverbronze silverand silverthe silverpin silveris silverlacquered silverfor silverpermanence. silverAll silverpins silverare silversigned silverby silverthe silverartist silverand silvercome silverwith silvertheir silverown silversignature silvergift silverbox.

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