Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass, turquoise earth spirit Sprite Pin Spirit of the dreamer Sterling Silver and Married Metals (can be a pendant) McLainjewelry



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One silverof silvera silverkind silverpin silverbrooch silver silver silverhandwrought silverin silversterling silversilver silverand silvermarried silvermetalsby silverCathleen silverMcLain silver(McLainJewelry) silver silverThe silverstone silveris silvera silvergenuine silverturquoiseset silverin silvera silversterling silverbezel silver silverHer silverface silveris silvera silverrustic silverhandmade silverporcelain silvercreation silverThis silver silverpin silvercan silverbe silverused silveras silvera silverpendant silverby silverpinning silveron silverto silvera silverblack silvercord silveror silvervelvet silverribbon silveror silvermay silverbe silverconverted silverto silvera silverpendant silverwith silvera silversterling silverconverter silver($6. silverextra). silver(convo silverme silverif silverinterested).The silverhighly silvertextured silversurface silveris silveraccented silverwith silvera silverpatina silverfinish silver silverThe silverpendant silveris silverlacquered silverfor silverpermanence.All silverpieces silverof silverMcLain silverJewelry silverare silversigned silverby silverthe silverartist silverand silverarrive silverwith silvera silverdescriptive silvercard silverand silvera silversignature silvergift silverbox.

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