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skull, 1 pc ~ Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm



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Measurements sterling silver(mm): sterling silverLength: sterling silver18 sterling silver sterling silverWidth: sterling silver7 sterling silver sterling silverHeight: sterling silver6 sterling silver sterling silverDescription: sterling silverSterling sterling silverSilver sterling silverSparrow sterling silverBird sterling silverSkull sterling silverCharm. sterling silver\u000bThis sterling silverbird sterling silverskull sterling silveris sterling silverbeautifully sterling silverdetailed. sterling silverIt sterling silveris sterling silverdesigned sterling silveron sterling silverall sterling silversides, sterling silverbut sterling silverthe sterling silverskull sterling silveris sterling silverhollow. sterling silverWear sterling silverthis sterling silvertalismanic sterling silvercharm sterling silverto sterling silverevoke sterling silverconfidence sterling silverto sterling silversoar sterling silverto sterling silvernew sterling silverheights, sterling silverto sterling silvergive sterling silveryou sterling silvervision sterling silverwhen sterling silverstarting sterling silversomething sterling silvernew, sterling silverand sterling silverto sterling silverenergize sterling silveryour sterling silvercreativity.Create sterling silvera sterling silvercool sterling silverdesign sterling silverby sterling silversimply sterling silverstringing sterling silverthis sterling silversilver sterling silverskull sterling silvercharm sterling silveronto sterling silversilver sterling silverchain, sterling silversilk sterling silvercords sterling silverand sterling silverribbons, sterling silveror sterling silverleather sterling silvercords. sterling silverCast sterling silverin sterling silverThailand. sterling silverLength sterling silverincludes sterling silver5mm sterling silversoldered sterling silverjump sterling silverring.

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