Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plastic, Alberta Strong Proud and True Province Shape Cutout Heart Pendant Necklace Pink



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Show chainyou're chaina chaintrue chainAlberta chaingirl, chainwith chainthis chainAlberta-shaped chainpendant, chainwith chaina chainheart chainright chainin chainthe chainmiddle! chainBe chainproud chainto chainbe chainAlberta chainStrong! chainPendant chainmeasures chain3/4" chainacross, chainby chain1 chain1/4" chainlong, chainon chainan chain18" chainchain, chainwith chaina chainlobster chainclaw chainclasp. chainPink chainacrylic chainpendant, chainon chaina chainsilver chaintone chainchain.All chainof chainour chainitems chainare chaineither chainone-of-a-kind, chainor chainmade chainin chainvery chainlimited chainquantities! chainGet chainit chainbefore chainit's chaingone!

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