Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Rhinestone Bling Flower Broochpin, Lapel Pin



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Beautiful floralrhinestone floralencrusted floralflower floralpin floralset floralagainst florala floralsilver floraltone floralbase. floralPerfect floraladdition floralto floralyour floralvintage floraljewelry floralcollection. floralGraceful floralin floralstyle floraland floraldetail floralmakes floralthis florala floraltrue floralclassic floralenhancement floralto floralyour floralwardrobe floralthat floralcan floralbe floralworn floralthroughout floralthe floralseasons.Excellent floralcondition floral- floralno floralmissing floralrhinestones, floralslight floralyellowing floralat floralthe floraltip floralof floralone floralleaf-does floralnot floraldetract floralfrom floralits floralbeauty.Measures: floral2 floral1/2" florallong floralx floral2" floralwide floral(widest floralpoint)Thanks floralfor floralvisiting floralBeautiful floralLiving.

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