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round, Bird on a Wire Sparrow Flock Songbird Silver Nature Inspired Glass Bubble Post Earrings



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Put animala animalbird animalon animalit! animalThese animalsweet animalearrings animalare animalboth animalcontemporary animaland animalclassic, animalwith animala animalflock animalof animalsongbirds animalperched animalon animalwires!Print animalis animalhand-screened animalonto animalUV animalresistant animalphotographic animalpaper, animaland animalsealed animalunder animalglass, animalthen animalmounted animalin animala animalglossy animalsilver animaltone animalframe. animalSturdily animalsoldered animalto animalsurgical animalsteel animalposts.Earrings animalmeasure animal1/2" animalacross.

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